Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cadoodle (Car & Doodle) Carrier Tutorial

Last year I was trying to find different ways to keep my little two-year old son busy & quiet during church.  I searched a lot of blogs and etsy shops looking for that one perfect idea!  I stumbled across a couple of car carriers and also bags to carry paper & crayons.  So I decided to get creative a make a two-in-one carrier, THE CADOODLE (car & doodle)!  This is an original name (I have not seen it anywhere), therefore, please make for personal use only - which means no selling/redistribution, entering contests, etc...

Materials Needed:          

1 – 10” x 12.5” Main Fabric

2 - 4.5” x 10” Background Fabric

1 – 4.5” x 10” Black Fabric for Road

1 – 6” x 10” Car Pocket Fabric

1 – 6” x 10” Notepad Pocket

4 - .5” x 1.5” Yellow Felt for Road dividers

2 – 1” Velcro front/back

1 Steno Notepad

24pk Crayola Crayons (8 fit in Cadoodle)

4 Die Cast Cars

Ruler, Rotary Blade & Mat

Sewing Pins

Fabric Marker

Sewing Machine


Iron & Ironing Board                                                                                 

Seam allowance:  ¼”


Step 1:                       
Cut your fabric with a rotary blade & ruler or you can use scissors.

Step 2:           
Take your 6” x 10” Car Pocket Fabric, fold it in half, and press.  Repeat with Notepad &
Crayon Pocket piece.  Line up raw edges to background fabrics and pin in place.  Sew along bottom edges to secure. 

Step 3: 
Center Velcro piece onto car pocket fabric leaving 1 inch from bottom edge. Sew around
edge of Velcro using zigzag stitching.        

(Special Note:  It works better to use two 1-inch velcro on corner edges.  Place velcro 1-inch from bottom edge and from side edges)

Step 4: 
Center opposite Velcro piece onto main fabric leaving 2-5/8” space from bottom edge.
Sew around Velcro edge using zigzag stitching.

(Note:  with using two velcro on side edges, velcro onto main fabric 1” from side edges and 2-5/8” from bottom edge instead.

Step 5:           
Sew vertical lines through all the fabric. Be sure to backstitch at the top and bottom.

Car pocket fabric: sewing lines from side are 1”, 3”, 5”, 7” and 9”.


Notepad & Crayon fabric: 5-5/8” and 7-5/8”

Step 6:           
Pin yellow felt onto black road fabric, spacing dividers evenly onto fabric. Sew around
edges of felt using zigzag stitching.


Step 8:           
Right sides together, sew main fabric piece & pocket-road pieces, leaving an opening. 
Turn right side of fabric out, fold opening and press.  Sew opening closed.

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  1. Vivian- I love this idea, so cute! Your sewing skills are awesome. I love seeing what you come up with for photo shoots too. Everything is always so darling!